• Rich in Vitamins & Minerals
  • Promotes Heart Health
  • Strengthens Immune System

Pomegranate Peel - Hidden Benefits

The pomegranate has been found to offer the body amazing benefits in terms of health. There are many ways that this fruit can be helpful to a person’s health including fighting cancers, preventing diseases, reducing the risk of heart disease and many other great benefits can be achieved by consuming this fruit. Many people have overlooked the pomegranate peel. The pomegranate peels has recently been found to have more nutrients and antioxidants than the pulp itself. Studies have shown that the extract from the peel provides a large amount of the antioxidants that the entire fruit has.

Many people just toss the pomegranate peel aside after they open the fruit in order to get the seeds out. When using this part of the fruit, it has been found that the benefits that are offered far exceed the other nutrient loaded edible areas of the fruit. There have been studies performed on the effect of pomegranates reducing the LDL cholesterol in a person. Early indications show that the pomegranate peel has been more effective in reducing the bad cholesterol when compared to the pomegranate pulp. The pulp of this fruit greatly lowers this type of cholesterol, but when compared to the peel, it is much lower.

There are not many natural supplements that can provide this type of assistance to a person’s health. The pomegranate peel can be produced into extract that is used in supplements. These supplements can be taken year round regardless whether pomegranates are in season or not. This is one of the biggest benefits of taking this type of supplement. When taking supplements made from the pomegranate peel in particular, the body will benefit in a much larger way from the additional amount of antioxidants and nutrients found in the peel. This is a great addition to any daily regimen.

Oftentimes the pomegranate peel is discarded without use, and all the extra benefits from this fruit are thrown away. The early studies that have concluded the extreme benefits of the pomegranate peel have made the peel a highly sought after part of the fruit. When a person consumes the extract taken from the peel, they are receiving a large amount of the fruit’s nutritional value. This is one of the biggest reasons to take supplements that are made from the peel extracts. It is easier to incorporate into a diet rather than eating the peel raw, which can have an unpleasant taste.